We help small property developers and investors get the right finance to maximise profits and grow their portfolio (and wealth) faster

If you’re looking for help with finance for an investment property,property development or sub-division, we can help you:
      • Clarify your current position and identify your goals
      • Evaluate different lending and investment options
      • Create a plan that takes your current lifestyle into consideration
      • Explore how I can help you get the right finance that saves you interest, fees, and tax so you can grow your portfolio (and wealth) faster

Fast-Track Your Property Investment Goals With Us – 6 Factors Which Set Us Apart

    1. Over 100 Property Developments, We Walk the Talk

Over the past 30 years, we have been involved in more than 100 property developments, and own dozens of investment properties

    1. A Vast Network

Unlike other brokers and banks who are required to sell their own lending products, or are restricted by limited partner arrangements, we tap into our vast network to get you the right finance for your circumstances.

    1. You’llSave Money

By getting the right funding today, you’ll save money and have more available to invest in your next property development or investment.

    1. Strategic Guidance

While other finance experts may be able to help you get a loan, we also help you with your investment and development strategy so you can:

        • Get the right structure and save thousands in tax
        • Optimise your investment for maximum profits
        • Leverage this project to leapfrog into your next property
        • Grow your portfolio (and wealth) faster
    1. You Only Pay Once Finance is Approved

In contrast to so-called property gurus who charge $10,000-$30,000 for courses and coaching you may never use, you only pay my modest fee when your finance is approved.

    1. An Unbeatable Track Record

Here’s a few examples of what we’ve achieved for our clients:

64-Year-Old Retiree: We recently met this lovely lady who has 4 investment properties. She wants to put 4 townhouses on one of the properties. She was referred to me after several other brokers didn’t know how to help her. I’ve just secured finance for her, and she’s set to make a healthy six figure profit from this one project.

Small Carpenter: This hard-working tradie was having trouble funding his dual-occupancy development. He was about to give up when we met. Not only did I help him get the finance, I showed him how to leverage the instant equity into another property development.

Refinance: We recently met a small developer who was concerned he was paying too much for finance (9%). Although it’s not common to refinance in the middle of a project, I secured him a better loan at half the interest rate. He’s set to save tens of thousands.

Financing a property is probably the most important decision you will have to make in your life. Whether you are purchasing an owner occupied home, residential investment, commercial property or you are embarking on your first property development it is imperative to get your finances right from day one. Get in touch with one of our finance professionals and we will be happy to handle the process for you.

Casablanca Finance is Located at

Suite 1, 20 Enterprise Drive Bundoora Vic 3083 for all your Commercial, Residential and Development Finance.

Complimentary Consultation – No Strings Attached

If you have an investment or small development you’d like help funding, get in touch for a No-Obligation Free Consultation. We’ll help you assess your current situation (including your project goals) and give you our honest advice based on more than 30 years funding developments. 


Simply enter your details in the form, send an email to jim@casablancafinance.com.au or call me on 0419 547 347